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Vanity of the Insane

24 December
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This is an AU RP journal for Tara of Atelier-biz [formerly of PANIC☆Ch].

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Case File:
Patient suffers from a number of OCDs [Obsessive Compulsive Disorders] and PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder].

He must have his camera with him at all times. There’s never a time he’s not wary of himself causing him to constantly adjust his clothing…this may lean towards some kind of social anxiety. If he even gets dirty he must take a full shower. Usually, he takes at least three showers a day - sometimes more, sometimes less. This is not as extreme as some, but needs to be checked up on from time to time. The obsessive leads him to wear an excessive amount of clothing as well. He tends to wear many layers at all times. Though, it doesn’t seem to appear that he’s modest or afraid of showing flesh.

The patient claims is deathly afraid of water, almost to the point of hydrophobia, but it’s obviously not so bad as to keep him out of a bath tub. When he was young, his house flooded and he and his family lost everything. His older brother died trying to save him from drowning. Since that time he hasn’t been able to deal with water any deeper than a tub. Pools, beaches and water parks are out of the question.

He has a touch of anger issues and depression, but not so severe that he has been diagnosed with either.